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Buying a Domain name

If you’ve never bought a domain name before it can be a scary process!

Let us hold your hand and take you through the whole process step by step.

In this example we are purchasing a .com domain from a website called

We could purchase from many other websites that also sell domains (we aren’t affiliated with this website in any way shape or form!) but godaddy is a popular site with relatively cheap domain names.

We are going to buy a domain called

We have highlighted the red box where you would type in the domain name you would want to purchase. In our case we are buying

It’s available – great news!

The site will also show other domains that are similar with different extensions such as .info / .net etc… if you want to buy any of those, then tick the check boxes and simply add them to your basket. In this case we simply add the one domain.


If the domain is unavailable – the page will offer alternatives to purchase – or you can simply go back and try something new – making your domain longer and adding hyphens or underscores might help you get something similar to what you want or try adding letters such as 4u or A1 or even your own business name or a brand.

Fill in your personal details (we cannot help you with that!)

We’ve put 3 years in the drop down box but it’s probably worth purchasing even longer, such as 5 years.

Now on to the next page..which offers you some protection...

You can add more protection to your information – but we’d suggest this is money down the drain! will offer to sell you other services but we suggest just ignoring it all and that you click on the checkout button on the second screenshot.

If you are buying a .com domain use fan3 to get a really good discount (35%).

PS - If you are renewing a domain name (.com) use code cjc795dom - also be aware godaddy quite often stipulates that "godaddy is already applying the best discount to the domains in your cart" ...or words to that effect - don't believe them - if these codes don't work keep trying various websites until you get a discount - it's well worth the time to save yourself some money. We nearly gave us re-newing a domain until we found the above code - that saved us $20!

You can then login to your account which should show the domain under your control panel. You don’t have to do anything for the next 3 years (or however many years you bought your domain name for), you do not even have to go back to at all if you do not want to.

Well done you’ve bought your first domain name – welcome to the web!

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