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Using htaccess File

The .htaccess file has many uses. Again just like the Sitemap.xml, and robots.txt file you can use Notepad to create it.

One of the most usefull uses of the .htaccess is to create permanent redirects. That is to send a visitor who comes in through one page to another. You could have many reasons for this - such as renaming your pages, broken links or another website linking in wrongly.

In the example below if we had an old contact form which used the .html extension and we changed it to .php we could do this:

Redirect /contact.html

So simply write the above line in Notepad and save it as .htaccess - make absolutely sure when you save the file - you save it as All File(*.*) and not a .txt file, otherwise it won't work. Now if anyone comes into www.yoursite/contact.html they will get redirected to

Obviously you wouldn't redirect to our site!

Another example that we found from our crawl errors from Sitemap.

Redirect /Certified_Financial_Planner_Online.html

We no longer have a page called Certified_Financial_Planner_Business_Plan.html but there are 3 external sites linking to it - so simply modifying your .htaccess file means we now have 3 more useful links to our site which are now working.